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Oberliga: Nordost-Süd

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Oberliga: Nordost-Süd

About Oberliga: Nordost-Süd

Oberliga: Nordost-Süd is a professional football league in Germany. There are overall 17 teams that compete for the title every year. The current holder of the title is VfL Halle. GioScore tracks live football scores and Oberliga: Nordost-Süd table, results, statistics and top scorers. In the 2021/2022 season, among the most popular teams in Premier League for online searches are VfL Halle, Rot-Weiß Erfurt, Oberlausitz Neugersdorf,... To follow today’s games and other active leagues, please visit the main page for all competitions in Germany.

Top scorers and goals

The top scorer in the Oberliga: Nordost-Süd 2020/2021 season was - with - goals.The average number of goals in the league for season 2021/2022 is - per game.

Top important questions about Oberliga: Nordost-Süd

Which team is the current titleholder in Oberliga: Nordost-Süd?
The current titleholder in Oberliga: Nordost-Süd is VfL Halle.

What rank of competition is Oberliga: Nordost-Süd in Germany?
Oberliga: Nordost-Süd is the level 14 division in Germany.

How many rounds are played each season in Oberliga: Nordost-Süd?
Overall 34 rounds are played in Oberliga: Nordost-Süd each season.

When does the Oberliga: Nordost-Süd start and when does it finish?
The Oberliga: Nordost-Süd usually starts in August and ends in June.